Q. Whether I will get my Design at NGA?

Ans. Yes, you will get your design at NGA

Q. Can I manufacture T-Shirt or Cap using my own design at NGA?

Ans. Yes, you can manufacture your T-shirts or caps from us (NGA) using your own created design.

Q. Whether the colours and Fabric used by NGA are skin friendly?

Ans. Yes, we (NGA) use all skin friendly permitted colours and fabric so that our customers are satisfied and do not have any rashes or any bad experience wearing our manufactured clothes. We do not compromise on quality for small profits.

Q. How modern is NGA Kolkata's machinery are?

Ans. Yes we take care of our machinery and use best ones available, also we take care of our waste products so that not to cause any environmental hazards.

Why National Garments Associates

Over 100 of Our Clientele ranges from Govt. houses to Pvt. companies. We have various organisations as our clients who manufacture T-Shirts & Caps from us for multiple purposes, Marketing, Camping, Industrial use etc.


We have various certifications given by many of our esteemed clients, Govt organisations, public organisations, ISO etc. for maintaining utmost quality.

State of the art machinery

Our Machinery are all modern and clean energy complient. We take care of our carbon footprint while manufacturing products so that our manufacturing should not create hazardous waste and should not cause any harm to the environment.